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Did you know?

Just over 9% of small businesses made more that a million dollars in recent years

Only 40% of small businesses are profitable

82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems

Only 64% of small businesses have a website

Does anyone know where I can find an Amazing Bookkeeper?


Our mission is to help small businesses improve their performance and empower their growth while building our firm that inspires and supports other entrepreneurs.

Since 2002 our company has offered management service to a small commercial property company located in our local community. Tenants of this company included retail stores, the arts, medical offices and the legal profession. Social services provider focusing on opioid addictions as well as others.

The services we offered included bookkeeping, record keeping, various administrative services, maintenance and security, advertising and marketing services as well as project management for tenant renos and insurance repairs due to broken pipes.

In 2016 we started to move away from having an office environment to having our administrative team work remotely. We are now fully digital.

Prior to that Rick Hyne, our company founder created vertical computer applications, designed web sites and offered bookkeeping and application training as well as other services. Rick has been a manager of people and things for over forty years.

That era of our business life is coming to an end and our company has been rebranded to better reflect our direction and capabilities of a provider of various virtual services on-line.



Professional bookkeeping services for your gowning business.


Managed website design and hosting as a service.


From research to document filing, talk to us today about how we can help.


We work with everyday small business owners. These are people who work by themselves, or have a staff between 1-3 people.
Yes. Use us to get you set up properly with the right accounting package, chart of accounts, banking information, and workflow.
Website as a Service. Shepherd 360! offers managed website and managed hosting as a service. This is like an ad in a magazine or newspaper. They are providing you with advertising as a service. You do not own the publication, the page your ad is on, or even the creative content of the ad. You own the message or advertising message only. See our WaasS page for more details.
Shepherd 360! is in the business of providing virtual operational support to Canadian businesses. We maintain our own Sage 50 server, web server, and subscribe to other bookkeeping applications to help deliver our core services.
Our administrative services go hand-in-hand with our other core services. Let’s say you want to know some information on apples grown in Canada. We can research and prepare a report for you on apples. Or perhaps you need a hand with document management. Your subscription with us include cloud based storage with meta data support. See our page of Administration for additional information.