In the early days …

In the early days of website design we had to worry about screen size (640 X 480) and colour ability (256 colours).

Download speed 28.8 kilobits per second and upload speed was even worse. 

Back then, websites were very basic. Images and download time were a constant struggle getting the site to work on a screen basically meant it was designed for a standard 640 X 480 pixel monitor.

Today we are still designing for screens, but those screens are held in your hand and grow from there.

Website as a service

At Shepherd 360! the term website as a service (WaaS) means that the website and all its content remains the property of Shepherd 360!. As a client, you get to use that website to help promote your business, product or service. The domain name that controls the website however, belongs to the you.

The benefits of having this type of service include:

  • Fully managed
  • Copyright infringement protection
  • Includes updates
  • Includes technical support
  • A true partnership
  • Build your IT around us
  • Focus on your business not the technology
Questions and Answers

In order to work with us, you will need a domain name. You have seen domain names all over the internet. is a domain name. 

If you do not have one, we can help you create one.

If you do have one, we will need to work with you, your agent, or you will need to provide us access to your domain registrar.

Your domain name is just a reference on the internet. We need to tell your registrar where to point the traffic going to your domain as well to provide your registrar with other technical information.

Once this is done, we add the name and technical information to our own domain name servers hosted with Microsoft. 

When all of this is done, it opens up a world of opportunities for your business.

Yes, as we have your domain, we can add email addresses such as to your domain and you can then send website traffic to that address. 

Because your email will be part of Microsoft365, there is a small annual, or monthly fee for a basic email address. 

Email addresses can be added or removed depending on needs. 

The internet is full of services offering to build you a website for next to nothing dollars. They steal material from the internet created by others and assign it to you. This means that you may be legally liable for the material published on your behalf.

Shepherd 360! subscribes to services allowing us to legally, and lawfully use materials on our own sites. This not only protects us, but also protects you, our client. You receive all the benefits of a custom website design without concerns of being sued for damages in the even of copyright infringement. 

We also use a lawyer who specializes in this area.

Yes. All images and other information will have a copyright attached to them. If we find, or you find that your images or information has been used elsewhere without your permission, we will work with our trademark and copyright lawyer to seek damages if you wish to pursue that option.

Having a fully managed website service means that we are here for you. If you need a image updated, copy changed, or a new service or product added to an existing page, we can make those changes for you for no additional charge.

Shepherd 360! has partnered with Microsoft™ Azure™ to build our own infrastructure which include web servers.

These servers are backup and secure.


Yes. Even though the website belongs to Shepherd360!, its design and marketing are meant to help your business grow. 

Caveat: When you post information on our website, it will be subject to the terms and conditions of our agreement with you. We will reserve the right to refuse to publish or edit the material. Your posts will also have a disclaimer that the information is contributed and your own name will appear in the blog. 


You can move parts of the website such as images and content you provided. Otherwise, the site is copyrighted to Shepherd360! and we will seek damages if we find you have moved the entire site to another provider.

Under the Website as a Service (Waas) model, you are paying to use the service. As each package is unique – monthly, or annual pricing is custom.

Add-on packages are an additional cost if you choose to use them.

We currently have a hot special for small business coupled with bookkeeping.