Our administrative services are only available as an add-on to our bookkeeping services.

Administrative Services

Internet Research

Our assistants can help you with product research, creating a list of competitors, help plan your next vacation. The options are limitless.

Ordering Supplies

Talk to us about how we can help you with order management.

Email Management

We can setup a special support email account for you then monitor it for important messages as an example. Or we can work with you on any email task that is required.

Customer Service

Are you scanning documents into a giant folder at places like Dropbox? Our assistants can help sort out your online filing system using established syntax, or by any system that you have established.

Online document management

Available in other packages, we will post payments from customers, monitor account receivable and alert you to concerns and late payers, contact your customers for payment. Talk to us about further options for billing customers or special needs.

Form and proposal design

We can design a splashy proposal to send to your next client complete will fillable form fields.

Virtual Assistant Services

Finance Assistant

Our financial assistants are training in business and have extensive abilities in Microsoft Excel.

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant is a catch-all assistant with various of expertise.  For example: we can create a proposal to send to your own clients or customers. We can complete the details for you, then send it out to the client. 

Social Media Assistant

A social media assistant has had training or is a specialist in social media.

Web designer

A web designer assistant has the skills needed to create and maintain the website that we can provide to you. We can included half an hour each month in your package for routine updates if needed, or you can hire them on an as needed basis.