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Distributed workforce

Shepherd 360! uses a distributed team of people, each working from their own home to help us deliver our  services to small businesses in Canada and elsewhere around the world. 

Questions and Answers

Q n A for Talent

Yes and no.

Our company uses a distributed workforce hiring people from around the world on a task, part-time or full time basis as an independent contractor.

You work for us delivering our services to our clients.

Each client is assigned a team portal and we assign various team members to that portal and other portals to help our clients with their needs.

You are paid by Shepherd 360!  

You are paid based on our standard payment schedule.

Whether you work on a task, for one hour or 40 hours in a period, you are paid in the same period as everyone else. 

Our core service offerings include bookkeeping, website design and hosting services, and general administrative services.

We are also looking to build our talent pool with people like you from across all disciplines and skill sets.

We maintain a standard go-to resource base, of which each are assigned a company email address for security and administrative purposes.

We ae also looking to maintain a casual base of others who will never have any interaction with our clients unless the job requirement requires a lengthy engagement period.

While internationally most people work alone at their home or coffee shop, you will be part of a team using team chat, voice-to-voice, or video conferences to collaborate on projects or tasks.

We ae a Canadian company and while we prefer that you make yourself available when our clients need your service, we also offer options for you do work in your own time zone.

Work is done based on a 24 hour turnaround basis but you may be needed to participate in a team conference and that may occur at anytime.

A team is a group of individuals with special subject matter expertise that has been vetted by us and now is available to offer their services to our clients.

Each team is assigned a team lead. You will communicate your needs with the team lead who will then monitor other team members to ensure that your needs are being met.

Each team member can communicate directly with you if there any questions.

Each team works under a team lead. That team lead works under our senior management.

When you are assigned a team, you can ask your team to do anything you need them to do. 

Each team member has a corporate email account that can be monitored. 

However, most communications will be done by chat, voice calling, or even video calling right from your team channel.

You can install an app on your phone. If a team member has a question for you, they can leave a message for you in chat, or call you directly. The reverse is true.

Let’s say you are out and about. You want the team to do something for you. Just pick up your phone, open the app and contact a team member directly, or leave a message on the bulletin board for all team members to see.

When you contact us about your needs, a value proposition is generated outlining our offer to you complete with an annual committed price.

This agreement will include bookkeeping, website design and hosting, and a fixed number of hours of virtual services.

Additional hours can be purchased if the need arises.

Our team will record all the work they do for you in blocks of 15 minutes, or units.

You could possibly use up all the time in your first month, or spread it out throughout the year. It’s your choice.

For the first couple of months you may not use some of the services, but as some goes by, you may need help in budgeting, or designing a brochure for printing at Vistaprint.  

At the end of the agreement, any remaining hours are lost to you. 

If during the term you exceed the agreed to hours, then you will be billed on a monthly basis for any excess time.

Team members are also placed in classes. Each class is charged a particular rate.

A qualified bookkeeper is in a higher class than someone who may only surf the internet looking for information.

Some team members are domestic and are also charged more due to our cost vs overseas team members who due to their own economies, are charged less.

You can. There are plenty of people all around the world who would be more than happy to work with you.

However, many would prefer to have stable work and pay.

Shepherd 360! manages this team for you. We ensure that they can do what you want them to do. If not, we will resolve any issues you may have with a member of our team.

Working with an international team requires experience and a third party to ensure that mutual needs and expectations are met.

Security is a big concern, that’s why all our team members only communicate with each other, or with our clients using standard policies and procedures and any violation results in immediate termination of the relationship. Whether it’s a member of our team, or a client.

Unhappy? Say it isn’t true?

But if it is, then it needs to be fixed immediately. 

Your first step is to the team lead. If you don’t get your concerns resolved, then you can use the chat feature and contact the management team.

The management team consists of senior levels of our company, including the CEO.

Your problem will be resolved to your satisfaction one way or the other.

That being said, every business has a client that just doesn’t fit and if that is the case, we will work with you to ensure that your bookkeeping and website are transferred to another party with little interruption.

But that is a last resort. One that we hope we never have to do. So we will work very hard at resolving the issue with you.

A domestic team refers to those members of our team that are either employees or sub-contractors located in Canada. The members of this team handle the utmost critical aspects of our services to you and cost a lot more than our overseas teams.

Our international team will be those sub-contractors who work anywhere in the world and will be used mostly for research, data entry, social media, graphic design, floor and egress plans and more.

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