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Carbon tax is not solving the problem

Is carbon tax the answer
Understanding tax write-offs for your small business.

Is carbon tax the answer?

The following post was in response to an article in a local community newspaper.

“B.C.’s pioneering carbon tax started in 2007, and while the program has seen a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per person, overall emissions increased 17 per cent over the following 10 years despite increased tax rates.”

Penalizing consumers/taxpayers and naive voters is not going to solve anything other than limiting our ability to financially respond to this growing humanity crises.

Just like homelessness, there are somethings bureaucrats can manage, and a lot they cannot. Homelessness, opioid addictions and resulting death will never be solved and neither will climate change.

What we collectively need to do climate wise is mitigate towards alternatives. But wait … we can’t. Why? Because the transit system is seriously lagging stuck ‘with in the box thinking’ and endless meetings.

The RDN is looking to charge $1.00 per hour to park and charge your EV – that is if you can afford to own one. But as many are discovering you must drive to the gas station in your EV with a gas can for fuel to run your generator so that your freezer doesn’t thaw.

In case no one noticed the banter between BC Hydro and Fortis BC claiming that BC Hydro is the cleaner choice – well guess what? Those using the ‘wished it was prohibited propane and natural gas’ are using fireplaces for warmth, natural gas heated hot water and perhaps even cooking their food on a natural gas stove. Those who have a barbecue can camp at home while the electrical grid is down.

You see, not many are really thinking beyond the extension of their nose.

Before we throw the baby out with the bathwater perhaps, we need to ask our so-called elected representatives what our plans are over the next five, yes – 5 years as the climate ramps up its changes.

How will we protect ourselves? How will we respond to the growing forest fire season – all of which releases captured carbon?

What about rising sea levels? Another fun fact. We are on an island.

What about our infrastructure? How will we get rid of all the water?

Did you see the size of the recent Cyclone Bomb? It failed to detonate this time around. Will there be a next?


So, there you go. Raise carbon taxes and do nothing about mitigation

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