Privacy Policy

Shepherd 360! collects information from this site for the purpose of marketing to you, our services and other offers.

Some of our information collection forms may require you to complete certain information before permitting you to send it to us. This is because we need certain information about you to allow us to better serve you.

For the most part, information collected on this site is basic and may include your name, contact email, telephone number, current product used, and size of your company.

A more in-depth form may be sent to you for additional information. The information gathered on that form also allows us to better provide our services to you. You are free to simply not answer those questions or submit the form at all. If you do, then our business with you is concluded.

We may use your basic information such as your contact email to send you reminders, up-to-date information our services and product.

You can opt out of receiving this information at any time.

Privacy Form

If you have concerns about your privacy, or about the way we have been contacting you, please complete the privacy form and we will reach out for more information or we will take measures to correct any issue you may have.