At Shepherd 360! we are always working hard to bring you value at the best possible price.

Our pricing strategy combines our features, the size of your business, and an understanding of your needs.

Our price is fixed. We don’t charge for paper clips, transactions in bookkeeping or the number of bank statements you have.

Every one of our clients is different. Each with their own needs, including needs they were not even aware until we told them.

Our value proposition is designed just for you.

Our packages start at $499 for general bookkeeping

Our aim is to deliver our services to you based on a value proposition. The following prices are on à la carte basis and do not represent the value in the packages.

Pricing questions

How much are your services?

We base our pricing on the features you select, and the resources needed to deliver them. It all starts at $499 per month Canadian.

Is this a contract?

Our services to you are delivered over a period of a year. Our pricing for some of the services is based on us having an annual committment. So, yes, there is a contract.

How do I request a quote?

Before we provide you with a quote, or proposal there are a number of steps that we will go through with you. We need to have an understanding of your business needs both now and in the future and what other services you may need over time.

Because we want to be able to build a relationship with you and your company, we don’t just provide you with a quote.

How do I pay?

Your investment in our time is calculated annually and paid in advance monthly. Talk to us about prepaid discounts if you wish to pay in advance for more than one period.

How are services chosen for my business?

Every business is unique. Our starting package of $499 per month will provide you with the basics of bookkeeping, which will be discussed with you and further confirmed in our proposal and eventual agreement.

What payment methods do you accept?

We will accept cheque, e-transfer, MasterCard and Visa. As we are virtual, we cannot accept cash.

Are there any extra charges?

Should you wish to take advantage of our other services such as a financial assistant, and we have not included some time for that in the proposal, then you can hire them based on an à la carte basis and we will invoice you in arrears of those services.

What if I need hep to clean up my books?

Project work like clean up work and other larger tasks with unknown outcomes may be billed in advanced and billed hourly. 

We may offer some options in addition to a prepaid retainer.