5 Tax Saving Tips for your Small Business

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Tax season is almost upon on again and we still see a lot of misconceptions regarding tax write offs for small businesses. Our goal with this post is to demystify the most common tax deductions (the so called tax write-offs) so you make the best out of your tax return in 2022. What are tax […]

Carbon tax is not solving the problem

Is carbon tax the answer

Is carbon tax the answer? The following post was in response to an article in a local community newspaper. “B.C.’s pioneering carbon tax started in 2007, and while the program has seen a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per person, overall emissions increased 17 per cent over the following 10 years despite increased tax rates.” […]

Small businesses to pay for sick leave

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Effective January 1, 2022, employees of British Columbia’s small businesses will receive a benefit of up to 10 days each year to call in sick. The province of BC has spent months polling small business owners and employees with several options for amendments to be enshrined in the Employment Standards Act. Both employers and employees […]

Bookkeepers and the wild west

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Newly minded bookkeepers are now virtual Thanks to the pandemic thousands of people have ditched their old job in favor of the new virtual workspace. Bookkeeping was always a buyer beware decision, but that warning now rings so true with an exponential growth of individual online bookkeeping services. Bookkeeping has moved from the desktop and […]

How to successfully work with a VA if you have a small business.

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Thanks to COVID-19 the term remote worker no longer means working in some industry camp drilling, mining, or logging. But instead stands for a growing army of individuals available to help with your laundry list of tasks needed to run a successful business. There are plenty of websites where you can hire help for a […]