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Marketing to your customers

Are you marketing to your customers?

At Shepherd 360! we design and manage small business websites using WordPress hosted on our own servers so you can relax knowing your message is being delivered 24 hours a day.

Our managed services are feature rich utilizing the latest best practices and products in SEO, customer capture, eBook publishing, optimized graphics and more.

As an entrepreneur we know marketing , website design and ongoing monitoring may not be the best use of your time.

It is no longer acceptable to publish your website then walk away.

Each website we design is unique to your business or service, no templates.

All our sites are monitored, backed up and continuously updated with ever changing information for today's business environment.

This concept is called Website as a Service, or simply Managed Website Service.

Managed WordPress Services

Canva and Social Media

We use Canva for 90% of our website images and social media designs. 

As a client, you are provided with a Canva subscription for your own use, and to allow us to post directly, and automatically to your various social media accounts. 

Youi can also log-in to Canva and approve the ad prior to posting.

We can use Canva for so many other purposes too from physical signage to menus, proposal documents or even invoices. Or, just to have some fun.

If you already have a Canva account, not problem, you can invite us to join.