Monthly bookkeeping starting at $499 per month

OUR PHOENIX OFFER - Website, Hosting and Virtual Assistant Services - Free

There are two things that every small business needs. Bookkeeping and a website. Why not work with a company that can provide you just that and more.

During these pandemic times many small business owners are wondering what direction to take, or entrepreneurs are wondering if they should start a business at all?

At Shepherd 360! we are in business to help you in business. Some of our services include online bookkeeping, website-as-a-service, virtual assistant services and more. 

We want you to build your business. As your business grows, so will your engagement with us. Therefore, during this time of uncertainty, we are going to offer our website as a service for free for websites up to a maximum of 5 pages and three photos.  

Plus we will provide you with access to our virtual assistant team for 30 minutes each month again for free.

Terms and conditions:

All bookkeeping starts at $499 plus taxes and is suitable for many entrepreneurs in Canada who have one or two employees including the owner, maintains a small amount of  inventory, pay various taxes and has a service based business or small retail store. This breaks down to about two or three hours a week of bookkeeping services with some weeks or months being more involved than others.

Our free offer for virtual assistant services is limited to 30 minutes per month. It cannot be added to the following month if you don’t use the time. Extra time is billed a prevailing rates.

Our website-as-a-service option includes up to five pages with a contact page, about page, pricing page, home or splash page and product or services page. This is free to host and to make minor changes throughout the term, but there is a setup charge for domain names, domain routing, website creation and this may be offered for free subject to the complexity of the bookkeeping engagement. See our website page for all the information about our website-as-a-service description.

Special offer:

This offer is only available for a limited time and can be withdraw without notice.

Other conditions:

There are additional special offer set up charges to cover onboarding costs and these include:

Setting up your chart of accounts and other bookkeeping needs providing you are a new business, or your records have been properly kept.

Setting up your website, arranging for your domain or moving your domain. (registering a domain is not included, nor are any ssl certificates)

Setting up your team environment 

Setup fees:

The following fees are only for this special offer, and no other.

Setup your bookkeeping including creating a chart of account, all connections to external providers, collecting payroll information, entering any small amounts of inventory. This fee is $499.00 plus taxes

Setup your domain, website, team environment, setting up any emails (at least one email is needed to work with us and is used in our team environment). This fee is $499.00 plus taxes

Your first month of services based on this offer is also due and payable upfront and it is $499.00 plus taxes. 

So, to get started, you will need $1,497.00 plus taxes and that will get your books, website and team environment all setup and ready to go, and include your first month of bookkeeping services with us:  

Support and consulation is free.