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About Us

Since 2002 our company has offered management service to a small commercial property company located in our local community. Tenants of this company included retail stores, the arts, medical offices and the legal profession. Social services provider focusing on opioid addictions as well as others.

The services we offered included bookkeeping, record keeping, various administrative services,  maintenance and security,  advertising and marketing services as well as project management for tenant renos and insurance repairs due to broken pipes.

In 2016 we started to move away from having an office environment to having our administrative team work remotely. We are now fully digital with that company.

Prior to that Rick Hyne, our company founder created vertical computer applications, designed web sites and offered bookkeeping and application training as well as other services. Rick has been a manager of people and things for over forty years.

That era of our business life  is coming to an end and our company has been rebranded to better reflect our direction and capabilities of a provider of various virtual services on-line.

We are building a team of international skilled and competent human resources and combining them with today’s rapid technological advances then bundling it  together so that we can bring it all to you in a comprehensive package of services.


While we have worked with a number of tools over the years, our current list of tools include:

Various Microsoft products including (Word, Excel, Teams, Azure) Ring Central, Sage 50, Quick Books Online, Smart Draw, Adobe suite of products and a lot more.


There are two things every business needs. Bookkeeping and a website.

At Shepherd 360! we offer managed websites and managed web hosting as a service.

So long as you maintain your bookkeeping needs with us, we will maintain a website for your business - free. Please click below for details.

But wait, there is more...

We will also include 30 minutes of virtual assistant services each month. Need a letter typed, or some researched done? Try our VA service options. Included with your bookkeeping engagement.

Free Services

Our core service offering

We are a business support company offing various services to busy entrepreneurs  and trades people who are in need of an extra pair of hands


We are building a competent team of specialists to be made available to you through our core service package. 


Bookkeeping in an integral part of running a successful business. While many may claim that bookkeeping is easy, you need to understand various requirements to keep the CRA in Canada, your investors (bank) and suppliers happy and you informed of your financial position.

administrative services

We are building a competent team of specialists to be made available to you through our core service package. 


As part of our core service package, we are including managed website design and hosting services with access to a full range of various marketing expertise to get your message to market and keep it there.