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Bookkeeping Services

Shepherd 360! is able to offer a growing list of services or options to help you with your bookkeeping needs. Each client is unique and may wish to have some, or all of our services.

New account setup

Most accounting applications offer a standard set of chart of accounts based on a decision you made while setting up your bookkeeping.

In order to do this right, we can offer guidance or setup the chart of account for you based on your business needs.

Clean up work

One of the most important reasons for a clean set of books is protection from interest and penalties.

As a small business owner, your bookkeeping may have gotten away from you.

We offer the ability to clean up your bookkeeping. As a matter of fact, we will not take you on as a client if your bookkeeping has been poorly maintained without first cleaning them up.

System conversion

Many small business owners are transitioning from the desktop to the cloud. This can be an easy process or turn into a nightmare.

As a bookkeeping client, we can help you transition this process.

There are steps that need to be taken and adjustments need to be made. Please speak with us about your move to the cloud before you make that decision.

Product Integrations

Cloud based accounting products are capable of numerous integrations for a full automatic process.  We may offer you one or more of the services as or when they become available..

Transaction processing

Manual or automatic processing of ongoing period transactions. These are regular transactions during the course of business.

Bank reconcillations

Monthly, or period reconcillation between your bank records, including credit card, PayPal, and other financial processing partners with your accounting records.

The reconcillation process is the process of checks and balances to ensure that all transactions have been accounted for and that all supportive documentation has been collected.

Monthly Reports

System generated monthly reports with commentary to help you understand your financial position and cash flow.

End of period adjustment

Not all businesses need or require end of period adjustments, however, the adjustments are used if you want to know actual profits or losses. 

Professional collaboration

Maintaining finances of any business regardless of size requires a team of professionals. Whether you use an accountant at tax time, or for ongoing advice; need information for bank for a loan, or even for  the insurance company in determining your premiums, we can collaborate with them conveying important financial information and projected cash flows.

Accounts receivable management

We will post payments from customers, monitor account receivables and alert you to concerns and late payers, and contact your customers for payment. Talk to us about further options for billing customers or special needs.

Accounts payable management

We will apply the full power of payables management alerting you to discounts for early payment; due dates to prevent late payment charges; contacting vendors to inform them of late payments. Talk to us about other options for bill payments and special requirements.

Payroll management

Payroll is a special skill and may require a special consideration depending on the number of employees and complexity. Talk to us about your needs and requirements both now and in the future.

Inventory management

We will consult with you on the proper use of an inventory management system; maintain your inventory; and make adjustments to the quantity and value of the inventory.

We can also enter the starting inventory through our virtual assistant service.

Additional financial work e.g. excel

We can build and provide specialised budgeting using Excel, or any other type of financial work that may be needed for a small business through our financial assistant service.

Client engagement

Our business model is built around being a virtual arm to your business. This is provided to you at little or no charge and includes a menu of products and services.

We like to tell our clients that you can carrying us around in your pocket and if you have a question, you would take us out and ask. We may not be able to get back to you at that particularly moment, but we will as soon as we are available.

From business forms and surveys, to a records management system. You can implement some or all the parts of us into your growing business.