Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If there is a question that we have not answered, be sure to Ask Us.


Shepherd 360! is a virtual services business. Everything we do is done virtually across Canada. We are unable to visit your office.

We are unable to login to your computer for a number of reasons. Thanks to the pandemic, many small businesses have moved to the cloud. We offer a number of cloud options for your bookkeeping. Please reach out to us for options if you cannot find those answers on this site.

Only managers may be able to provide this type of service to you and it is limited. Please have this discussion with us during our meet and greet sessions with you.

There are many options for bookkeeping these days and those options continue to grow.

We do not particularly favor one application over the other without first having a ‘needs’ discussion with you. So many bookkeepers, especially new bookkeepers these days are learning how to use an application long before they are learning how to code the transactions. 

At Shepherd 360! we are going to look at your business’s requirements first then work with you on selecting the appropriate cloud based or internal bookkeeping applications for your needs.

If you have not already done so, those locations should be tracked individually. Depending on how your business is setup legally, if all the locations are owned by the business, then we would set them up as separate entities each with their own profit and loss statement and cash flow forecasts, budgets and more.

We have had multiple years of experience in small commercial real estate operational management tracking each building as a profit centre. 


Social media is the wild west of the internet these days. It is changing rapidly each and every second of every day.

We would like to have a discussion with you as to why you may want to advertise on social media, or a particular media such as Facebook. We will then work with you to create an action plan, then monitor that plan.


That is ok. You may be surprised at the amount of help a virtual assistant can be for you.

You may ask us a question one day and we may recommend one of our specialized virtual assistants to help you out. From there you may want to try other specialties.

Human Resources

Shepherd 360! is always interested in working with those who wish to join our team as an employee or contractor. Full time, part-time or tasked based. Please see our Team Leaders page for opportunities and an application.

Absolutely. At Shepherd360! we are always looking to increase the value of our services for our clients. Visit our contact page and reach out to the CEO.


Thanks for asking.  As part of our add-on services to bookkeeping, we will be offering our clients the option to setup their own store using Woo Commerce tied into their bookkeeping application (if supported).

We do offer integration services by the hour, so the answer is yes. But, we would want to look at the requirement before we take it on.

The services we offer are packaged-based with add-ons starting with bookkeeping. Without us doing your bookkeeping, we would not be able to offer any further services at this time.


Oh, that is easy. We hang around your pocked or purse. 

We have embraced Microsoft Teams. With that application you can chat, call or video conference with us by appointment or in urgent cases, on demand.

It will depend on our workload and the specialty needed to answer your question. We will get back to you in 24 hours or less on week days.

Our hours are as available. Our team members are scattered across time zones.

Absolutely. See our contact page. Send your concern directly to our CEO.


The majority of online bookkeepers are one person operations. They offer very personal services and for many that may be what you need.

At Shepherd 360! we too offer very personal services, but we bring a scalable team of specialized resources allowing us to offer more than just bookkeeping, and more than just a single bookkeeping application. 

Due to the resources required during our onboarding process, we do not offer refunds. What we do is spend time upfront with you so that we both understand various needs and expectations. By the time you have started the onboarding process, we will both know that we are the right fit for each other.

Our service delivery is done though packages of services. Every client is unique in needs and use of our resources. Our packages are based on an annual committment starting at $499 Canadian monthly.

Our core service offering is bookkeeping. We also offer other services as an add-on to bookkeeping. Our WaaS, marketing and various specialised assistant services are only available to our bookkeeping clients.

We offer our services this way to provide better value to our clients and to offer a one stop shopping experiences for various business services.


On-boarding is a process of training, whether employees, contractors or clients. 

For our clients, the first thing we do is to provide you with an email. This is like a key to be able to use the rest of our services. 

We will then teach you how to use Microsoft Teams. This is where our team will communicate with you and also where you will upload various documents and other information for us to use.

We start our training with an onboarding guide. This guide will get you started with Microsoft Teams.

Once you have signed in to Microsoft Teams, there will be an ongoing list of additional tools and other business information for you to access.

We are building a library of corporate videos for you explaining how and why to use applications such as OneNote. 

If you need personal instruction, some of this is provided to you during the onboarding process, other options are through our virtual assistant services.

We can provide training to you by phone, video or screen sharing.