As a small business owner you already know your job.

It’s everything.

Days and nights spent reading books, researching, trying to solve one problem after another.

Bookkeeping should not be one of them.

That is not to say that bookkeeping is not important, because it is, the problem is that it may take you some time to understand what it all means and to know if you are setting yourself up for an audit.

That’s where we come in.

As a partner in your business taking care of all those operational things including entering receipts, filing taxes, managing payroll, sending out the bills, reconciling bank accounts and yes, even calling your customers asking for your money.

What you need to know financially to run your business is readily available to you.

How much did you make or lose in a period?

How much money is still in the bank?

Did you know that many entrepreneurs operate their company based on how much money is in the bank?

While you may have thousands of dollars in cash, it may be all spoken for, or worse yet, your obligations may be more than you have cash to meet.

Certified ProAdvisor
Perhaps you have some questions?

All our services are cloud based. We use a distributed workforce and have done so long before COVID-19.

It is easy to use our services.

You are provided with a corporate email address allowing you to securely access our eco-system where you are assigned a team of professionals. One of the professionals is a product accredited specialist. If we also provide web site services to you and we bring your domain over to our service, then you can use your domain email address. For example. MyBusiness.CA is your domain. could be your email address. However, your email will be hosted on Microsoft 365 and will include many additional office features such as Outlook, Word and Excel.

We like your question. Let’s get the most difficult part of it out of the way.

Shepherd 360! doesn’t just offer bookkeeping services, we offer an array of services all designed to help you run your business.

By completing our onboarding detailed contact questionnaire we are able to provide you with value for the services you receive from us.

But that’s just the value part of the answer. The other are the cost savings you will receive by simply having someone else do your bookkeeping for you.

No more failed deadlines to file trust taxes such as payroll and sales taxes. Or filing late year-end taxes all of which bring with them penalties and interest which may get worse each time your are late.

We also offer lite  collection services and will contact your customers asking for your money. That way, we help you maintain a positive cash position in your company.

You will be surprised with the amount of free time you will have to generate income for your business and not having to take your valuable time away trying to figure out a debit from a credit.

The bottom line to your question is this: What is your time worth and is it worth it to you to worry about bookkeeping and keeping your website up-to-date.

It’s that simple.

There are many ways to pay bills automatically.  We can help you set that up.

We can also prepare documentation or information what bills need to be paid each period.

Yes, we can but the more work you do to prepare the more affordable it will be for you.
That depends on the documentation you have. Today’s cloud based technologies allow various systems to talk to each other. Banks and large companies such as some utilities are no different. There are a number of ways to submit your invoices from scanning them with your phone from the lumber yard to scanning them at home or your office with a scanner and uploading them to us. We have a number of options for you to use. We will discuss these best practices depending on your unique needs.

Today’s technology and cloud based accounting programs offer a number of productivity options that older desktop accounting system do not.

When considering updating, the best time may be at the end of your year-end.

Although, we can start from any end of period during the year.

This ‘discovery’ process could become very expensive depending on just how bad previous record keeping practices were performed and how much historical detail you want to maintain. It’s worth a bit of a discussion.

Thank you for considering us for your bookkeeping needs but our core service offers all those things small business owners need to successfully run their business. Our value proposition is based on us offering the services of bookkeeping, managed website design and hosting, and virtual assistant service, along with a lot more add-on options to be able to supply our customers with great value over purchasing these services individually from different providers.

Whether you  need some handholding, or just need someone to take the whole mess off your hands we can be there for you.

Perhaps you only want to know how you are doing from period to period. We can provide that information to you, or you can look at the reports and graphical information yourself.


We are a federally incorporated company and have the knowledge of Canadian laws. At the moment we only offer bookkeeping services in Canada but will be expanding into the US, EU and UK in the future.

Wow, thank you for your interest in joining our team.

If you have accredited skills in one or more accounting applications and have had at least three years experience working with clients then please check our teams section and application.

We would love to chat with you. We respect your valuable time and ask that you reach us through our contact pages.

If you could complete one of the forms, we would be provided with accurate information on your needs.

You can also ask your own questions there.

We will follow up with you by email, or a phone call with questions and suggestions on how we can help you run your business better.

Thank you for your trust in our ability to keep your books.

Unfortunately we don’t take all those who need a bookkeeper.

Ours is a partnership with you. 

You will have unlimited access to us if you have questions or concerns with how we are serving you.

You will be plugged into our ecosystems. Therefore, before we accept you as a client, we need to get to know each other.

We need to understand your expectations and the needs of your business. We may not be able to do what you require.

Our focus is on small businesses. 

After you first contact us, we will send you a link to another form to allow us to better understand if we can support you properly. If we can, we will provide you with a proposal for our services. If we cannot, then we will send you a nice letter thanking you for the opportunity and hopefully be able to meet your needs in the future.