Choose Shepherd 360! as your business services provider?

Our Mission and Purpose

We are here to help small businesses improve their performance and empower their growth while building our firm that inspires and supports other entrepreneurs in Canada.

Shepherd 360 is a result orientated online solution provider of bookkeeping, marketing (Subscription based website design and management) and administrative help along with a growing list or other products and services selected to help entrepreneurs become efficient and grow. We operate our own servers and have various capabilities to deliver distinctive solutions to our customers.

From selling beer out of his bedroom window at 13, our CEO talks about his history and our company.

Business services experience

Thanks to the pandemic there is no shortage of people offering to help you with your business. At Shepherd 360! we were in the virtual space prior to the masses. 

Look to Shepherd 360! to source out best practices to today’s problems without running over to a Facebook group looking for quick fixes.

We have built our own business to be scalable. That means we can scale up or down depending on needs. 

Our CEO has been a manager of people, places and things for many years. You are not just a client, but a partner in our mutual success.

Each of our services packages are designed just for you and are based on the type and use of our resources. The more resources you use, the better the value you will receive

Business services

Despite claims to the contrary, bookkeeping is not easy and may cost you a lot with penalties and interest if not done correctly and regulatory requirements filed on time.

Managed Website Services
We offer fully managed websites for rent including all design, updates, security, SEO, monitoring, positioning and hosting.

Administrative Assistance
Whether typing a letter, maintaining a budget, building a list of addresses or customer follow up the list is endless.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur sometimes it can feel lonely and easily frustrating. You may find it beneficial if you spoke to someone on a regular basis.